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Ingesting A Zipline Data Bundle

  1. Update Users/NAME/.zipline/ (needs to be updated every time you are ingesting a bundle)
    • To locate you will need to unhide files, Command + Shift + Dot (.) on mac
    • Update the start_session & end_session to match the trading start date and end date
    • Update bundle name and ensure file location is correct
  2. Update (one time fix)
    • Line 183 – replace ‘in fname][0]’ with ‘== fname][0]’
    • Line 228 – add div[‘pay_date’] = div[‘ex_date’]
      • Dividends will now be read in correctly
  3. Ingest the CSV files as a new bundle using the terminal
    • conda activate zip35 – activate correct environment
    • zipline bundles – view all bundles currently ingested
    • zipline ingest -b custom-bundle
      • Files are now located in Users/NAME/.zipline/data/bundlename/datecreated/
        • view files via SQLlite (free download)

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